FRIDAY & SATURDAY, OCT. 11 & 12, 2019. Join us as we celebrate our annual get together and unite our golf communities!

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DFW LAO GOLF | 2016 Regional Champion

DFW LAO GOLF caputres the 2016 Regional Championship from a competitive 2 days round

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Our Next Generation

The NLGA grants up to 4 Junior and/or student golfers to participate in the Annual National Championship.

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Upcoming Tournaments

Our Vision and Mission

our communities

Not only does NLGA network with and support Lao golf organizations, but we also operate with other Asian organizations.

cultural perservation

NLGA promotes the unity of Lao golfers in the U.S. and across the globe as a roadmap to preserve our culture and heritage.

annual competitions

NLGA hosts an annual golf tournament that unites all Lao golfers and supporters at a competitive venue via the Annual National Championship tournament.

next generation

to develop and establish a solid foundation for our junior golf program, and to promote and encourage women and senior golfers to build a stronger friendship within the community.

A Few Words About Our Organization

Founded in 2013 and established in March 2014, the National Lao Golf Association (NLGA) was formed by friends across the United States to meet the vision of uniting Lao golf communities.

Based in New Tampa, FL, The National Lao Golf Association collaborates with multiple Lao golf associations to hold an annual tournament for its members and supporters of the association.

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Our Core Foundation